Almaty - Post Report Question and Answers

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WhatsApp, Instagram and Telegram are very useful here, you can find any business or service via social media apps. - Sep 2023

Surprisingly, Almaty is on the list of "historically difficult to staff" assignments, and while it literally is halfway around the world from the U.S., if you love the outdoors, this will be a good assignment. - Aug 2015

A great post if you come with a positive and adventurous attitude. - Mar 2010

Overall, this is a very liveable place, but there are many things that make it a difficult post. Some of it is the isolation of Central Asia and the fact that it's VERY expensive to leave the region... some of it is the language barrier... and some of it is the fact that things we all like about living in another culture are hard to experience here secondary to cost and the reality that a lot of the culture of this region is not visible in the big city of Almaty. On paper it should be more enjoyable that it actually turns out to be, and many of us haven't quite figured out why. - Mar 2008


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