Almaty - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

No particular personal security concerns, situational awareness as anywhere. We feel extremely safe here and my children walk on the street and ride in public transport - Sep 2023

Kazakhstan is relatively safe, the biggest concerns in Almaty are scams and pickpockets. We haven't had any problems. There have been cases of extremism and violent crime, but it is unlikely to impact your daily life. - Aug 2015

No every day problems. The only concern is the high earthquake risk. - Jul 2013

Not really. Almaty is a big city, so drinking and staying out late exposes you to the same dangers as in any big city. Almaty is located in an earthquake zone and most housing is sub-standard. If the "big one" hits, we will all be in a lot of trouble. - Feb 2013

Almaty's an extremely safe city. You should be aware of petty crimes, but even pick-pocketing isn't that common. As a single woman, I feel very safe on the streets. - May 2012

Not really--aside from normal big-city concerns, like getting mugged late at night coming out of a club and there have been some reports of break-ins to cars and apartments (not diplomatic ones, and anyway we are not the ones with real money here). I feel very safe. - Mar 2010

None really except for the typical big city precautions one would take anywhere in the world. It's probably safer here than most U.S. cities of this size ( 1.5 million or so). - Mar 2008

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