Almaty - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Most expats go to one of 3 international schools, AIS QSI (US curriculum), Heiliburry (British) and KIS ( IB certified). Our kids go to AIS and we have 2 graduating from this school. We have been happy with high school and elementary. All teachers except some language or teacher aides are international teachers that come from other QSI schools. - Sep 2023

The main international schools are Haileybury (the British school) and Almaty International School. Both have a pretty good reputation, but we don't have children so can't speak to this specifically. - Aug 2015

Most people go to AIS (American international School) or Haileyberry (British School). AIS is quite far from downtown, but Haileyberry is rather close. Most parents are pleased I think. But, I have no personal experience. - Jul 2013

There are three main English-speaking schools attended by expats: AIS ("American"), Miras (Kazakhstani operated, English medium with an IB program), and HaileyBury (British). All three schools have issues. We are familiar with AIS, which is a QIS school and has a particular educational philosophy that may (or may not) be good for your child. Do your own research! The schools don't have the extensive sports or music programs you see in the US. - Feb 2013

No kids, so can't say. I think most of the kids all go the same school, and I've heard people comment that the high school isn't great. - May 2012

There are some choices, but I don't think it is a "great school" type of post--but we don't have any direct experience. - Mar 2010

Ahh, this is the big issue in Almaty. There are 4 main schools that USG folks/expats send their kids to, and in my honest opinion, not one is signifcantly better than any other. Some are closer to the city center, some follow a more traditional educational program. Overall, we are very disappointed in the schools, especially when you think about the great international schools at other posts. If you come to post with children (especially middle school and high school age), know this: You will need to be a strong advocate for your child/children in every facet of the educational process at each school. Overall, I wouldn't recommend coming to post with children in the upper grades unless there is no other option (and personnaly for us, boarding school wasn't an option) - Mar 2008


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