Almaty - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

It’s all 4 seasons, cold winter (can get to -20’C), hot summer (can get to 35-36’C) and beautiful spring and fall. You will see lots of flowers in spring and summer, it’s very green with many parks and trees, leaves changing color and falling, lots of pumpkins in the fall, beautiful snow in winter. Lots of rain in spring and fall - Sep 2023

Almaty has four seasons, winters are very cold with lots of snow, the other three seasons are relatively short and mild. Weather is similar to the northern Rocky Mountains of the U.S., like Montana. - Aug 2015

Hot summers, excellent falls and springs, and snowy long-ish winter. - Jul 2013

The weather is similar to that in Minnesota. Cold winters (-25C) with lots of snow, nice spring and fall, and warm summer. Almaty can get a lot of snow, which does not phase the locals in any way, because work and school will never be cancelled due to snow. Main streets are plowed, but side streets maybe not. Huge piles of snow accumulate on the sidewalks, and navigating them can be an issue. Sidewalks are icy and dangerous for 6 months of the year. - Feb 2013

It's a continental climate, so there are hot summers, cold winters, and a short spring and fall. In the winter, the temperatures average between -10 and -20C, but as long as you're properly outfitted with coat and boots, it's not bad. The sun shines most of the time, and at least it's not as cold as Astana. In the summer it's usually around 28-32C and dry. Most precipitation falls as snow during the winter. - May 2012

Like Chicago. You get all four seasons. - Mar 2010

Nice summers and nice winters ( if you like snow) and short falls. - Mar 2008

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