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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Household help is available but is rather expensive. If you have a full time nanny or cleaner expect to pay 30-40$ a day, so about 1000/month. And not many will agree to cook or do shopping, think Europe rather than third world country. Some understand a little English but most don’t, so you will communicate by gestures or Google translate WhatsApp messages. Some people hire drivers but it’s rare. - Sep 2023

The going rate for housekeepers is about $5 per hour, so it is more expensive than some cities in the developing world, but it is available. - Aug 2015

There is no problem finding help. It costs about US$400-$600 for full-time help. Hourly is about US$5-7. - Jul 2013

Most people have a housekeeper. Full time help runs about 80,000 TT a month, so about $450. Some speak some English. Most expats drive themselves (unless they are with an oil company wthat pays for the drivers). - Feb 2013

Help is expensive compared to other posts. I have a lady come twice a month to clean, usually a 1/2 day a visit. She charges $35. English language skills vary significantly, so it's a good way to practice Russian. - May 2012

Available, probably around $600/month for 6 days a week full time. Part time usually costs between $3-$7 per hour. - Mar 2010

Available, but costly. A full-time maid is between US$450-600/month. It's getting harder to find help, as the local job market has really taken off, and wages are better for those that may have been happy working for expats in the past. - Mar 2008

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