Almaty - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

Yes, we use credit cards at any mall, supermarket, restaurants etc. You will use cash for farmers market, small green grocers, taxi. We use ATM at the consulate building but only because we don’t have to pay transaction fees, you can use ATMs at malls too. - Sep 2023

You can use your credit card almost everywhere, even American Express. You should use ATMs at the office for security reasons, but ATMs are everywhere. - Aug 2015

I haven't had a problem using them. - Jul 2013

Credit cards are only accepted at large stores - Ramstore, etc. ATMs are generally reliable, although we have had cards eaten by the ATM here for no apparent reason. There is a Citibank that dispenses US dollars and offers customer service. Official Americans just cash checks at the consulate. - Feb 2013

ATMs are widely distributed around the city, but I limit my use to one next to the office. I've been told that credit card fraud is an issue here, but I've never had a problem. Cash is used for local transport, the bazar, grocery stores and many restaurants, but credit card use is gaining in popularity. - May 2012

Citibank ATM works fine in Almaty. - Mar 2010

No problems here other than an ATM eating a card ( which could happen anywhere). - Mar 2008

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