Almaty - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

I think so, lots of sidewalks, ramps, elevators and escalators at all the malls and multi story buildings. It’s very walkable and pedestrian friendly city. One of the consulate building has stairs but we are working on making it more wheel chair accessible. - Sep 2023

Yes, it is difficult, lots of hills and uneven pavement. Very few accommodations for handicapped people, but fortunately, lots of working elevators. - Aug 2015

Most building have elevators, but most entrances are not handicap-friendly or stroller-friendly. Streets are uneven and constantly under construction. - Jul 2013

It would be very difficult. The city is on a hill, so there are stairs everyone. You don't really see people in wheelchairs. I have seen visually-impaired and hearin-impaired people getting around the city. - Feb 2013

It would be difficult, though not impossible. The whole city is on an incline, and while there are ramps at most intersections and sidewalk steps, I think they are designed more for strollers than wheelchairs. The curbs can be tall and there are open drains along the side of the roads that are quite deep. There are often stairs inside of buildings (at entrances, etc.) with no accompanying ramps or elevators. - May 2012

It does not seem particularly accessible, and it seems like physically disabled people are not in public often, like in Europe or the U.S., but I haven't been looking for that either. My suspicion is that there is some embarassment or discrimination concerning diabilities. - Mar 2010

A big yes to this question. The sidewalks are ankle-busters, and in the winter, there would seem to be a ban on snow shovels, as the snow/ice just keeps on piling up, adding to the treachery. - Mar 2008


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