Almaty - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Yes, it’s good for anyone. - Sep 2023

Families: Overall families seem to be pretty happy here, but the size of the housing is not great for families. There is not much storage space, usually not enough play areas for kids, and often the limited number of rooms means that children have to double-up. There are a lot of options for family activities outdoors: camping, ice skating, horseback riding, parks, etc. Couples: This is a good post for couples without children, there are quite a few couples that live here and really enjoy it. Most have extended their tours here, and there are lots of activities for them: restaurants, bars, live music, the outdoors, shopping, etc. Singles: Not the best singles Post. There are only a few singles here, and most tend to be workaholics. The dating scene is better for single men, it could be a challenge for single women. - Aug 2015

Good for all. - Jul 2013

I think it's good for anyone who is willing to get out and take advantage of what Almaty has to offer. If you sit in your apartment in the smog, you will be miserable. If you hike or ski or get together with friends, you can make this work. The English-speaking expat scene for families with kids is great. - Feb 2013

I think it's good for families and couples without children if they like to be outside. I've heard it can be a little hard to find stuff to do with kids if you don't speak Russian. The single guys tend to end up married pretty quickly, but for a single lady like me, the dating scene is non-existent. Going out is quite expensive, and the quality is mediocre. So this is definitely a post better suited for outdoor enthusiasts, and if you are one, then it's heaven. - May 2012

I think it is good for both families and couples. I think it may be hard for a single who wants to really conenct with someone unless they know Russian, but I have no direct experience. There are a lot of nightlife and restaurant options, if you have the money to spend and there are also a lot of public parks and children-oriented activities. - Mar 2010

The school issue makes this a difficult issue to answer. I would say that it's a great city for infants/toddlers/preschooler families, and there certainly is plenty to do ( parks, etc). Singles ( men) seem to do OK. I think that this is a hard place to be a single female, especially with a very small expat crowd. Couples seem to do fine. - Mar 2008


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