Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Internet is supplied through the Embassy free of charge and is decent. You can stream on it. - Jul 2019

Internet is free for USG staff in hooches and apartments (bring a wireless router in your carry on luggage in order to have access as soon as you arrive!!!) Routers can also be purchased at the ISAF bazaar. - Jun 2014

Free internet piped into your room. Bring a wireless router. It's not speedy (forget Netflix) but it works. There is also MoraleNet with some wifi spots around the compound. You can sign up for that and it's free. Rooms also have VOIP with free calling to the US. Calls get dropped sometimes. Works fine most of the time. - Jul 2013

Yes, but it is not good. Don't expect to stream video; and video chat is spotty. Facetime and Gmail chat work better than Skype here. The internet is also censored, so get a vpn before coming. Overall, the personal internet quality is a morale killer for me. - Mar 2013

It's free to everyone here and for the most part it works really well. Now and then we have an outage but our IM folks are great about keeping it up and running. - Dec 2010

Free on the compound, and crowded. Available and expensive throughout the city. Outside of Kabul, only if you're on a base. - Aug 2010

Yes, but the demand for bandwidth often exceeds the capacity. And sometimes the internet goes out due to weather. - Jul 2010

There is internet available, for free, at the embassy, but the service is overwhelmed and sometimes is slow or goes down...then there isn't anything that can be done except to wait it out or use the internet in the office. - Sep 2009

Very good, if you live on a compound. - Mar 2008

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