What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

There is a pizza place, Thai place, and a Turkish place along with several coffee shops at Camp Resolute Support next door all of which are decent. - Jul 2019

Pizza Hut and Burger King hooches on the embassy compound and Cianos (very good, affordable pizza) on the ISAF compound. - Jun 2014

There's a trailer that sells Pizza Hut - it tastes like the real deal. They just dropped a trailer that will sell Burger King but no idea when it will actually open. On the west (Chancery) side, there is an Afghan dining facility. The food is good and reasonably priced. There is also a coffee vendor. On the ISAF side, there is an Italian-contracted pizza restaurant. - Jul 2013

Pizza is available on the Embassy and ISAF HQ compounds. - Mar 2013

Nothing - Dec 2010

This has been a real surprise. Namaste is great Indian; Lebanese Taverna and the Grill for Lebanese; Mai Thai; Flower Street (which has a branch at the Embassy); Cianno's pizza at ISAF HQ; Sufi and Jirga for Afghan food. All of these places deliver through www.easyfood.af and are good, if a bit pricey. There are still some American fast food places on bases outside of Kabul. On the compound, we have DOD-provided contracted food. The good: it's free. And there's Baskin Robbins. The bad: it was designed for a 20-year-old soldier who carriers gear up and down mountains all day. In other words: it will make you fat. An Afghan vendor runs a lunch-only cafeteria on-compound for local staff; a good meal there costs about $3. - Aug 2010

Restaurants are surprisingly expensive. There are a few places that will deliver to the Embassy - Jul 2010

Officially, there is no going into the city to restaurants, although some staff go into the city to attend "official" functions or functions that they claim to be "official". Listing the locations wouldn't be appropriate, but when you get to Kabul, you'll find out - Sep 2009

Take out Mexican, Indian, Pizza. - Mar 2008

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