What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

I did not ship anything to post. I do have a full kitchen in my room so it is possible to cook. - Jul 2019

Most essential items are available in the PXs or Blue Dots. However, specific brands aren't always available so if you are picky about things like shampoo brands, it would be wise to bring your own (Dove and Pantene seem to be consistently available, but other options vary). Same with laundry detergent. Other than specific brands of toiletries and laundry detergent, most other items are available. Storage space in hooches is extremely limited, so I would strongly suggest not doing a consumables shipment until you arrive at post and determine what you really need vs. what you can purchase there. There is also a monthly consumables swap in the apartment courtyard where you can buy/sell items. - Jun 2014

Go light. Nobody cares if you wear the same shirt over and over. Bring only one suit. I've worn a tie three times. - Jul 2013

As little as possible. There is very little available storage, and you can get most of what you need here. Pack light! - Mar 2013

If you are going to be living in an apartment you will have room to ship a lot of things but if you are assigned a hooch you need to be careful not to go too crazy shipping items to yourself since you are very limited on space. I suggest shipping paper products, personal products (shampoo, soap, tons of lotion for the very dry weather here, any contact lens supplies, toothpaste, etc) enough for at least a few months and then you can always do another shipment later on and/or order via the internet. I highly recommend an air purifier for your hooch/apartment and a humidifer. Some air freshners and/or candles for masking the sewage smell that always seems to linger in the air here. Nowadays you can pretty much get anything you want or need via the APO so if you do forget something - you can buy it once you get here. - Dec 2010

More food and toiletries. A humidifier - the winters are really dry. Wine! Packers seem to be divided on whether you can actually ship it here or not. - Aug 2010

Depends on if you're in a hooch or apartment. We did pretty well in bringing the stuff we really needed. One thing that has been indispensable is the 3M removable adhesive hooks. I also highly recommend bringing a Kindle or other e-reader. Bring lots of moisturizer and chapstick. - Jul 2010

iPod with docking station, good laptop with CAT-V cord, a small blender, work-out gear, yoga mat (the few in the gym are filthy), 2 sets of plates, cups, utensils, good digital camera for travel, good carry-on luggage that holds a weekend worth of clothes for use on your RRBs, bedding that you don't mind throwing away when you leave. - Sep 2009

Liquids laundry soup, baking goods, snacks, toliet paper, books, hobby equipment, sport equipment, soccer ball, tennis racket, balls. - Mar 2008

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