What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

A nice new gym just opened up in the new housing unit plus there are several other gyms. You don't have to worry about lack of workout space. - Jul 2019

There are several gyms at the embassy, and one large one at ISAF. There is also a hooch that houses yoga, bosu and Core X classes. - Jun 2014

There are two gyms on both sides. Not bad. They can get busy so you have to find a time that works for you. You may have to go to different gyms to get in different workouts because the equipment is not consistent across all facilities. You can walk through the gate to the ISAF compound and use their gym, which is much bigger. There is a Crossfit group that has equipment outside one of the office buildings. There is a sand volleyball court, a covered tennis court, and a 25-meter pool with lanes. A lot of people like to run and you can do a 600 meter loop around the east side compound. Other people run over at ISAF for a bigger loop. ISAF has a field that doubles as a helicopter landing field. When it's clear, people play Ultimate and soccer on Fridays. - Jul 2013

Yes, several. Unfortunately, most are poorly set up, and you can't get a full workout done in a single gym. Crossfit is like a religion on the compound. - Mar 2013

Yes, there are several gyms on the compound. they are small and some have very outdated equipment but they are there and they are free to use. - Dec 2010

The Embassy has three gyms (with another on the way) and a lap pool. The Serena has a gym popular with expats if you can go there. A few others are scattered around town. I suspect women would not be welcome at a local gym. - Aug 2010

Yes. There's also a weekly yoga class. - Jul 2010

There are 2 small gyms at the embassy with pretty good cardio equipment and weights, but both are becoming overcrowded with the "surge" in personnel. The embassy started a yoga class, which seems to be popular, and there is a swimming pool and tennis courts. - Sep 2009

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