What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

It does snow in the winter, but usually melts right away. I can get down into the 20s F which isn't cold to me but is to people from warmer states than MN. The summer is hot and dry. It is dry all year. Expect to get very dry skin and maybe even nose bleeds from the dryness. - Jul 2019

Hot in the summer, cold in the winter. . .you really do need clothing for every climate, particularly since you'll likely go somewhere warm from R&R in winter. Clothing gets dirty quickly due to high levels of dust; while business casual is the norm at the office for all non-security related personnel, I wouldn't bring clothing favorites. - Jun 2014

Winter is cold with snow. Summer is hot and dry. Temps in the compound are higher by about 10 degrees or so due to all the concrete. It's not bad. Do bring winter clothes, though. - Jul 2013

Wet and somewhat snowy winter. Dry, hot summer. The altitude prevents the temperature from climbing as high as it does in the desert-like South. - Mar 2013

The weather here has actually been really nice. Summers are hot but not humid and the evenings are lovely for sitting outside. So far this winter it has gotten pretty cold in the early mornings and evenings but the sun is always shining and during the day it actually warms up to around the low 50's. I've been told that this winter has been mild so far and usually be now we should have had a lot of rain and snow but it's been very dry - which probably explains the massive amounts of dust in the air. - Dec 2010

It's sunny (or at least hazy) all the time. Short, mild winters - it snowed maybe three times this year. Summer is hot, but since Kabul is at 8,000 feet, it cools off at night and is never really unbearable. Beautiful, long spring and fall - you can eat outdoors from approximately March through November. - Aug 2010

This past winter was pretty mild. I'm from upstate NY, so I didn't find the cold unberable. Summers are hot and dry, with 30+ degree swings in temp from day to night. Summer nights are also almost invariably windy, starting at about 5pm. - Jul 2010

The climate is similar to Denver's with some very hot days in summer and cold snowy days in winter. But also has cool spring evenings and mild fall evenings. - Sep 2009

Long dry summers and short cold winters. - Mar 2008

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