Morale among expats:

It's a mixed bag. Some thrive. Others (most) just do their thing and wait their time. It seems universal that people go into a week long funk after returning from their first R&R. You really do have to get out on R&R. It's a mental health issue. - Jul 2013

Better than it should be. This is a really depressing place where the work often feels futile. I suppose the fact that the current crop of people here are determined to make the best of a bad situation is what makes it bearable. Overall, there is very little joy in Kabul, but people manage. I imagine this is a less-fun version of what Saigon felt like in 1974. - Mar 2013

Good and bad....some folks will complain no matter where they are posted so you can't expect a feeling of good morale from them but others will make the most of any situation and there are quite of few folks here like that and they make this place and make it a bit more pleasurable to be here. - Dec 2010

It depends. If you're here for the money, every day is tough. A lot of people really enjoy their jobs. Getting off the compound makes it better. The Embassy is very high pressure with grueling work schedules. - Aug 2010

Variable. Some thrive here. Some hate it. It depends on who you talk to and whether there are any crises unfolding. The food offered in the dining facilities gets everyone down. - Jul 2010

Morale depends upon your mindset..if you go to the embassy knowing you will work long hours, be confined to the compound and not able to get out much, it is ok; after all it is a war zone. There has been a batch of folks lately who complain about their high heels being nicked when they cross the street, complain about the food and the fact they can't go to restaurants. I don't know what they were thinking when they volunteered to go to Kabul (again...a "war zone" ), but they should have volunteered for Paris or stayed home! - Sep 2009

Varies; depends on how long you have been here. First when you arrive it's great, near the end it's very low and if all your friends left before you. - Mar 2008

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