What English-language religious services are available locally?

There is a weekly multi-denominational service at Camp Resolute Support. - Jul 2019

Several weekly services for various denominations at the embassy and ISAF. There are prayer rooms throughout the embassy and ISAF compounds, which are mostly used by Muslim local staff. - Jun 2014

You can access religious services at ISAF. Or, you can borrow other works of fiction from the CLO. - Jul 2013

I believe there are on ISAF. - Mar 2013

They hold services over at Eggers military base. Not sure what they are exactly or if they are any good but I've read they are over there. - Dec 2010

There are services at the Embassy, Eggers and ISAF. There's even a rabbi who comes in on holidays! - Aug 2010

Yes, at Camp Eggers. - Jul 2010

I believe there are non-denominational services at the embassy and other services (Catholic / Protestant) at the nearby military facilities. - Sep 2009

Sometimes on military compounds. - Mar 2008

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