What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

You can have someone clean your room through the Kabul Embassy Employee Association (KEEA). It wasn't expensive but I don't remember the exact price. - Jul 2019

You can get your hooch/apartment cleaned for a reasonable amount, though they don't necessarily do a very quality job. - Jun 2014

You can hire a cleaner through the KEEA. I think it's $10 for a full hooch cleaning. I've never used it. An 8x20 hooch isn't that hard to keep clean. - Jul 2013

The concierge service cleans hooches and apartments for very little - we pay about $80/month for them to clean three times a week. Non-Embassy folks have full-time help, which is the norm in Afghan society. You will never, ever see a woman working as a domestic worker. - Aug 2010

The conceirge offers apartment/hooch cleaning and laundry services. - Jul 2010

There is a concierge service at the embassy that will clean your apartment or hooch, but there have been some theft problems reported. - Sep 2009

Cheap, but it can be a pain; they go through your stuff. - Mar 2008

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