Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Post will supply a phone. - Jul 2019

The embassy issues you a phone. This should be kept on you at all times, even just when stepping out to use the communal laundry area, in case of a duck and cover. - Jun 2014

You'll be issued a Blackberry. Works ok for the most part. - Jul 2013

Government-issued for Embassy employees. - Mar 2013

The embassy will give you one when you get here. - Dec 2010

Get one! There are four carriers and pricing is good. Service can be spotty - networks in Kabul get overloaded, any many field locations don't have coverage at night. Blackberries are increasingly popular. - Aug 2010

The embassy will give you a (crappy) cell phone. If you want a fancier phone, you can bring your own and swap out the SIM card. - Jul 2010

The embassy will issue you a cell phone. - Sep 2009

Bring a phone and get a local sim card. - Mar 2008

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