Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

There are several ATMs at the Embassy and Camp Resolute Support. - Jul 2019

There are ATMs on the embassy and ISAF compounds. - Jun 2014

There are two ATMs that dispense USD. There is a $2 surcharge. Never had any issues. You can use credit and debit cards at the PX. Never had a problem. The embassy has a cashier on the east side. - Jul 2013

ATMs are available on the Embassy, but they are out of money a good portion of the time. - Mar 2013

I won't use my credit card here even though some vendors now in the baazar will take them. There are several ATMs at the embassy, and next door at ISAF, and there is the embassy cashier as well for cashing checks. - Dec 2010

Not widely accepted. There are very few banks in Afghanistan, and almost none outside of Kabul. - Aug 2010

There are two ATMs, one which only takes MC and one which only takes Visa. There's also a cashier, the KEEA store (selling embassy logo gear, some veggies, and booze), and the PX at Camp Eggers do take credit cards. - Jul 2010

There are ATMs at the embassy, all safe to use, and a cashier's window where you can cash a check. - Sep 2009

ATMs are fine on the military bases; they spit out dollars or euros. - Mar 2008

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