Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

You are confined to the Embassy for obvious security reasons. I heard there is a Tinder group here, which my office joked about for a couple of weeks once we found out. - Jul 2019

In terms of an ideal fit for this post, I think couples are best off since they are immediately placed in an apartment. This is not the post for a shaky marriage, however, as it's a lot of together time. Sociable singles tend to have pretty good morale; there are many parties and myriad activities. The Duck and Cover bar is a popular gathering spot, though it often resembles a frat party. Many men are "situationally single" and dating can be challenging for women here in terms of quality, though not quantity. Many staff are at post without their spouses/children and the time difference can make it a challenge to keep in frequent touch, particularly given the long work hours and general exhaustion. Many separated couples have a hard time, particularly since it's difficult to explain the Kabul experience to those at home. Many divorces seem to take place following departure from post. Coming here with a marriage that isn't going well only seems to make it worse. - Jun 2014

If you are married and coming alone, don't come if your marriage is shaky. If you are married and coming as a tandem, don't come if your marriage is shaky. Either way, fix the relationship before putting this kind of pressure on it. Otherwise, there are no real redeeming qualities. It just is and then you leave. - Jul 2013

Those here as a couple do well, providing they have a solid relationship and don't mind being cooped up together. Single females are a commodity here, and will do well if they are only looking for a casual relationship. Interactions socially with Afghans are negligible. - Mar 2013

No kids allowed. A lot of the married couples I know here seem very happy. There's isn't much to do in your spare time so you just have to be the type of person who is happy just spending one's free time reading, working out, watching movies and for some - drinking. - Dec 2010

No real families around. It's quite a scene for singles (the male/female ratio is very skewed; fishbowl environment). Definitely better for couples, but it's hard on a marriage - you're together all the time. - Aug 2010

Singles seem to do ok here. Guys outnumber girls by a wide margin, so there's lots of good hunting if you're a single girl. But since there's no going out at night, the dating scene is limited to drinks at the Duck & Cover. Life for couples is both good and bad. The good is that you're together. The bad is that you're together ALL THE TIME.This can put a lot of strain on a relationship, especially as there's no where to go when you need time apart to cool off after a fight. - Jul 2010

The "city" is confined mostly to the embassy compound, with the exception of NGOs who live in Kabul. Some couples come to the embassy together and live in a shared apartment. Employment is a condition of bringing your spouse. There is a lot of partying going on that both singles and couples participate in, but embassy staff are trying hard to arrange activities that don't revolve around partying. It is a stressful environment for everyone - married or single. - Sep 2009

Families are not allowed. Older couples seem to manage well but it's a test on any relationship. For singles it is hit or miss. - Mar 2008

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