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It's been frustrating not being able to explore Mexico from here because of the security restrictions. But Laredo, Texas, is culturally strongly Mexican, and "los dos Laredos" have their own unique border blend, which has been very interesting. - Jun 2018

Be prepared - life is dangerous in Nuevo Laredo. Not as dangerous as it was in 2012. Some suggest it will get dangerous again. - Feb 2016

As I mentioned before, your experience here will depend on you. Some people have found running groups and are really enjoying themselves, while others hate it and want to curtail. Just be patient, find something you enjoy doing, participate in events and stay positive! - Dec 2015

This place used to be a party town but is having some hard knocks right now. The drug violence affects every part of life in this town, sadly. - Feb 2013

The SENTRI lane, a special lane for "trusted travelers" approved by DHS, is now up and running. It's great. Time to cross the bridge to the U.S. using the SENTRI lane is now perhaps five minutes max. (There's never much of a line to get back into Mexico.) So you can see a semi-pro ice hockey game or hit a restaurant or shopping in Texas without travel being a big deal. Call someone living in Nuevo Laredo to see how the SENTRI system works before you get here, apply for your SENTRI card before you get here, and start using it immediately when you're here. Sweet! - Feb 2009

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