Nuevo Laredo - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

The house itself was very nice. Posh, even. *see exception below about Mexican construction. We had more than enough space, and the interiors were very spacious. The lighting was all inset, and gave the house a very modern feel. We had two AC units which did a good job of keeping the place comfortable in the long hot summers. Overall, I was quite happy with the housing we received, and though much the same of the other houses in the pool that I was able to see. I would add that Mexican construction and maintenance is not equal to American norms. Many things are done to the point of functional and aesthetic minimums with longer term concerns pushed under the rug. As an example, the light over our dining room table was literally just one of those old shop-type sockets with a bare bulb sticking out. It turns out this was because there were no studs behind the sheetrock, thus nothing to attach a heavier lighting fixture to. The commute was the shortest in my working life. It was walkable in under ten minutes, bicycled in fewer than five minutes, and driven in two minutes. The only noteworthy part of this is that the infrastructure is much like the housing construction, and you have to be aware while driving/walking/bicycling. Sidewalks are kind of obstacle courses. The roads themselves could quickly be hazardous to your car if you weren't paying attention. For example, manhole covers were often missing right in the middle of the street. - Dec 2022

Housing is generously sized and within 5 minutes' drive of the Consulate. Every house has some quirks, like occasional leaks/floods, weird layouts, etc., but generally they are quite comfortable. Most have walled-in back patios, nice for kids, dogs, barbecues, etc. - Jun 2018

Big house, security is OK but no electric fencing, alarm system is not as good as other places. - Apr 2017

All houses are unique, nice, and fairly large. Commute time to the Consulate is less than five minutes. - Feb 2016

Our houses are huge! My house has 3 bedrooms upstairs, a room downstairs for an office, two living rooms, a dining area, kitchen is huge with a breakfast area, laundry room, maids quarters and then outside front and back. The house has a total of 5 bathrooms with a shower in every one. A little much, but it's free! Commute time is great. It's only 3 minutes from my daughter's school and about 7 minutes to the Consulate. All of us live relatively close to each other. - Dec 2015

Since most officers are first tour, we are all amazed at our housing, barring the few super rich who are used to having 3-4 bedroom houses with multiple bathrooms and maid's quarters as a single young adult or new young family. They are set up like mini fortresses. Commute time is about 10 minutes. Every house has unique features. So you'll most likely be jealous of one feature in someone's house and they'll be jealous of one feature in your house. - Jun 2014

Consulate housing is nice, scattered within a 10-minute drive of the consulate. - Feb 2013

Consulate staff are housed in two neighborhoods close to the Consulate. No one's commute is longer than 5-7 minutes. The housing is about 20 minutes from the International Bridge crossings into Laredo, TX. - Nov 2011

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