What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

Some families are happy with the United Day school in Laredo. Others are not, and even homeschool. The best option on the Mexican side is unfortunately not in our "green zone." The preschools on the Mexican side seem to be fine, though. - Jun 2018

Ok this is probably the main reason why I am posting a review. I am simply unhappy. The schools here are just not for us. I have two kids one in Laredo and one in a local Nuevo Laredo, preschool. Both schools are just too far out of the norm.

My 4-year old has 6+ pages of homework every day. He is being forced to read and write in cursive and print, he learned Spanish but he dislikes school and begs every day to stay home.

My 6-year old has an endless list of complaints. The school is very "elite." Parents do professional handcraft work for the 6 year olds. You have to be constantly donating money for anything that can occur to them. You have to do some hours of service or pay 50 dollars per hour you didn't do. The kids seem spoiled, and they have attitudes. My kid comes home talking that way and it bothers me. It seems as if everything there revolves around money. - Apr 2017

Most Consulate children of school age go to a private school in Laredo, TX. The school has a fairly good reputation. Parents are apparently asked for additional fundraising support on a regular basis. - Feb 2016

All of the kids here go to the school in Laredo, TX and all go together in an armored vehicle. The school is United Day School and it's private and supposedly a very good school, but it only goes to 8th grade. High School is public, but we do not have anybody here that has their kid in high school. I've heard great things about United Day. My 3 year old goes to a local preschool here and I love it! If we were here longer I would even consider keeping her there even for elementary instead of enrolling her in United Day. Although I can see how it would be tough on non-Spanish speaking families. I'm a heritage Spanish speaker so communicating with teachers and other moms has not been a problem for me. - Dec 2015

Kids go to school in Laredo,TX; a couple of different options. - Jun 2014

We had one of our children in a good local pre-school, but we moved him to the private school for kindergarten. Currently, all the kids at Post attend United Day School in Laredo, TX. They have a very good curriculum. - Nov 2011

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