Nuevo Laredo - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

The local staff were my favorite part of the experience, while at post. We also spent several weeks in Mexico City, which is a gem of a city. I thought Cancun was underwhelming. - Dec 2022

Free boxing class! Watching margarita glasses being hand-blown at the glass factory. Petting a tame baby jaguar at the zoo (she's too old for that now ): ) Working on civil society projects with the Women's Forum (like educating secondary students about relationship violence, promoting breastfeeding). Getting together with the EFMs for walks on the track, lunches, taco truck visits, pool parties, handicraft market visits, etc. Visiting Mexico City (museums, food, biking). Visiting San Antonio (biking the Mission Trail). Visiting Austin (paddleboarding on the river, shopping at the original Whole Foods Market). - Jun 2018

We can't travel south by car so probably South Padre Island. - Apr 2017

Phenomenal people. Good food. - Feb 2016

My daughter is the only American child at the moment attending a local preschool and it is the first time a diplomat enrolls a child there. It's called Colegio Irlandes and it's supposed to be the top school in Nuevo Laredo from preschool to high school. It has been amazing to see my daughter become bilingual. I have also seen so many positive changes in her because of the school that I am going to be very sad when she has to leave. She is loved there! The people in Nuevo Laredo are very nice. I've had nothing but good experiences with the locals, especially the locals at the Consulate - they are warm and welcoming and just so much fun. Working at the Consulate as an EFM has also been a highlight. I enjoy the work I do and the friends I've made. How about the biggest highlight of all - giving birth to my son in Laredo! - Dec 2015

Mexico is a great country with great food and culture. The people are generally friendly. I've been able to learn tons about South Texas and feel like it's nice to be able to go home to the U.S. frequently. - Jun 2014

My family has enjoyed it here. The kids go to school at a good non-denominational private school in Laredo and have made some good friends. - Nov 2011

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