Nuevo Laredo - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

Access to the US. Of all the posts in the State Department pantheon, the border posts shine for their access to the whole of the US. - Dec 2022

Great new Consulate building. Being 20 minutes away from the US. Exploring Texas. Getting to know the Mexican people, food and culture (of course there are nicer places to do that, but we've appreciated the opportunity). - Jun 2018

You can be in the USA in just a few minutes. - Apr 2017

Phenomenal people. 20 minutes to the U.S. Good food. - Feb 2016

Access to the U.S. You can just hop in your car and drive to San Antonio, Austin or even Miami if you're feeling ambitious. Want to get a way for a weekend? Easy. Get in your car and visit South Padre Island for a few days. Saving money is all about how you manage your income. We have been able to save money even with two small kids, but I am an EFM with a decent paying job at the Consulate so our two incomes allow us to save money, but things are not necessarily cheaper here. - Dec 2015

Proximity of the U.S. The Consulate is about a 10-15 minute drive to the U.S. Border. Wait times can be long during peak seasons but this is normally mitigated by having a Known Traveler Program ID like SENTRI or GLOBAL Entry. You cannot really save money, food/gas prices are not cheaper here and you'll most likely be crossing frequently into South Texas because of lack of activity within Nuevo Laredo. - Jun 2014

Proximity to Texas. - Feb 2013

The cost of living is cheap and people seem to enjoy the constant sunny weather. However the current travel restrictions make traveling into the interior of Mexico difficult. You can't drive overland from Post. You can fly, but there are increasingly more restrictions on many other areas of Mexico and you have to register all travel in advance (personal and official). - Nov 2011

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