Nuevo Laredo - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Internet was set up and turned on upon arrival, which was much appreciated. Outages were common. We were without internet for over two weeks at one point, after a storm. We finally just installed a second service provider in our home, so that we had insurance. It was an extra $20/mo US, and just worth the extra. From that point on we always had internet, but we did frequently have to swap to the backup when it service with the primary was out. - Dec 2022

Internet service is mediocre -- we can't stream on two devices at once, for instance, and sometimes the service really slows down (especially on weekends). Some people have two providers so they can switch to the other when one is giving them trouble. Installation should be pretty quick, just a few days. - Jun 2018

Yes, but it doesn't always work quickly, should take a day to install. - Apr 2017

Internet access is available. High-speed? Not so much. Cost? Acceptable. - Feb 2016

Yes. We have HyperCable and pay about 300 pesos a month for internet. - Dec 2015

I pay 800 pesos for Cable and high speed internet. It's worth it to me. Of course we have some U.S. programming on the Mexican cable. - Jun 2014

Yes, Hypercable and Telmex. Hypercable seems cheaper and comes with cable TV. - Feb 2013

Yes. It's cheap and reliable through TelMex or Hyercable. - Nov 2011

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