Nuevo Laredo - Post Report Question and Answers

Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Yes, I feel lucky that it was our first post. The community was great. - Dec 2022

Yes. In fact, our time is nearly over and I wish we could stay longer, now that we have adapted! - Jun 2018

That depends, I will search for a new school if I find one that we are comfortable with, then maybe. - Apr 2017

I am very glad to have served - Feb 2016

Yes, absolutely. We extended here 6 months so my daughter can get a full school year in. We have a good group at the moment and we all like each other so we have a great time no matter what. We've made friends with locals and local staff and have found our niche here. - Dec 2015

Maybe. I know none of us signed up to be expats only to cross into the U.S. whenever we felt like it. It's not exotic or exciting really, but you are close to home. So if you need to be close to relatives in the U.S. or need a break from being too far away from home, then you can enjoy the option to travel without being jet lagged, etc. I really like that aspect of it. Not forever, but it's a nice break after being a lot further away from the U.S. - Jun 2014

No. - Feb 2013

Hard to say. This has been a rewarding Post professionally, but it has taken years off my life. - Nov 2011

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