How do you send and receive your letters and package mail? Are local postal facilities adequate?

Mail service through the Consulate, and visiting the post office in Laredo TX (typically long lines, no self-service machines -- best to print postage online and just drop off packages). - Jun 2018

We cross the border or send it through our office outbox. - Apr 2017

The Consulate has addresses in Laredo for letters and packages; they are picked up for you and brought to the Consulate. - Feb 2016

We have a PO Box for letter mail and a warehouse address for boxes. Those are picked up in Laredo by Consulate personnel and brought back to the Consulate. - Dec 2015

We have a PO BOX in Laredo TX so add one day to traditional U.S. shipping. It's great. - Jun 2014

We have a PO Box in the U.S. Mail delivery is five days a week. - Nov 2011

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