Nuevo Laredo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

First, I want to say that the Consulate management team was vigilant in helping keep the pests at bay. That being said, this city is in a river bottom, and urban, and the wastewater systems are poorly constructed. We had issues mostly with two types of pests. The first, and worst, were the roaches. They were very large, flying, and seemingly indestructible. We kept our kitchen and counters very clean, and that helped a lot, but sometimes they would just come at ya. The others were these super tiny flying insects that I don't have name for. They were harmless, but disturbing. They seemed to swarm into corners to die. We'd wake up in the morning and there would be a random corner in the home with 'dirt' all over the floor. It wasn't dirt, it was thousands of dead flying insects, so small that they 'dusted' the floor. It was weird, but we swept them up and went on with out lives. - Dec 2022

Honkin' big cockroaches. Sometimes mice. Tiny biting ants -- nothing I have tried seems to deter them. Fortunately they are just in my living room and not in my bed :) - Jun 2018

There is a season for the flying roaches that come out of the sewers. - Apr 2017

Cockroaches. Mosquitoes. Some dengue fever. - Feb 2016

Ants and incessant mosquitos! - Dec 2015

Ants mainly. You need to keep your ant drawing items stored properly or else they'll find a why in. They are very industrious. - Jun 2014

Some ants, no big problems. - Feb 2013

Ants seem to be the principal issue. They get into anything sweet (sugar, syrup etc.). GSO sprays twice a year, but we've found we need to spray at least quarterly to keep them at bay. There isn't the roach problem I thought there would be. You really only seem them when they come out to die. - Nov 2011

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