Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Honkin' big cockroaches. Sometimes mice. Tiny biting ants -- nothing I have tried seems to deter them. Fortunately they are just in my living room and not in my bed :) - Jun 2018

There is a season for the flying roaches that come out of the sewers. - Apr 2017

Cockroaches. Mosquitoes. Some dengue fever. - Feb 2016

Ants and incessant mosquitos! - Dec 2015

Ants mainly. You need to keep your ant drawing items stored properly or else they'll find a why in. They are very industrious. - Jun 2014

Some ants, no big problems. - Feb 2013

Ants seem to be the principal issue. They get into anything sweet (sugar, syrup etc.). GSO sprays twice a year, but we've found we need to spray at least quarterly to keep them at bay. There isn't the roach problem I thought there would be. You really only seem them when they come out to die. - Nov 2011

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