What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

It gets into the 90s F in May and doesn't let up until October. High can be over 110F. Winter is cooler and pleasant. More rain and humidity than you might expect, including torrential rains and floods (and leaks and mold). - Jun 2018

Yes, extremely hot during summer. - Apr 2017

At times, it is mild - 40s or 50s F. 80s and 90s F not unusual at any time of the year. Triple digits to be expected from around April through October. Occasional flash floods. - Feb 2016

I have been to many places, but the weather here has got to have the craziest weather patterns I have ever experienced. We are in December and it has been cold and now tomorrow we will be back up to 92F! And then back cold again. Can't be healthy. Then there are days where it rains all of sudden (mostly at night which nobody has been able to explain) and not just rain, but crazy thunderstorms. Random! - Dec 2015

Hot and dry. With the occasional drop in temperature during the winter months. Winter is like early spring in DC. The rest of the year it's hot and you'll spend most of your time running from your air conditioned house to your air conditioned car to your air conditioned office. - Jun 2014

Hot dry summers and mild winters. It is surprisingly humid most of the time. - Feb 2013

Sunny, all the time. It's hot from about March until about November. It is extremely hot during the summer, to an extent that you really can't do anything outdoors (at least not comfortably). The winters are nice and mild. - Nov 2011

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