But don't forget your:

Nice hot-weather clothes. Appetite for tacos. Spanish skills. Patience with border crossings. Global Entry/SENTRI card. Comfortable car with excellent air conditioning for frequent trips to other Texas cities. Willingness to participate in the small Consulate community with people who may not match your demographics (age, interests, ages of kids, etc.) -- but I hope you will find as I did that they are terrific and fun people. - Jun 2018

Sense of humor. You will not survive if you forget your sense of humor. You must remember that your colleagues are your social outlet and your friends. Make friends with your colleagues. You must also remember to not take yourself too seriously. - Feb 2016

Karaoke Machine! :P - Dec 2015

Grill for grilling your carne asadas, sun glasses and situational awareness. Cowboy hats and boots. - Jun 2014

Sunglasses and your horse tranquilizers (you'll need to take them in order to fit in with local driving patterns). - Nov 2011

New book from Talesmag! Honest and courageous stories of life abroad with special needs.

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