Nuevo Laredo - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Medical in Mexico is cheap, and generally pretty good. The onstaff medical assistant at the Consulate is a wonderful resource for finding local services. If you can't find what you are comfortable in Mexico, the US is right there, and Laredo has decent hospitals. - Dec 2022

This post is dusty, sometimes moldy, and VERY hot (regularly 107F or more in the afternoons, all summer). Medical care in Laredo can be frustrating, with long wait times and sometimes less than competent staff. Many go to San Antonio for the outstanding medical care there. The Consulate has a new relationship with a family doctor which seems promising. Medical care on the Mexican side can be excellent and affordable for many needs. Consulate women have had babies here and have been quite happy with the care. - Jun 2018

The local medical care is OK. I like our local Mexican pediatrician. It is hard to find specialists here but you can be treated in Laredo, TX. I haven't heard of any medical evacuations. - Apr 2017

The Consulate will provide you with bottled water - there are reports that the tap water is not safe to drink, but it is safe for bathing and hygiene. There are few if any reports of sickness due to eating the local food. Some people prefer to use hospitals in Nuevo Laredo, some prefer Laredo. If you need particular medical specialties, you might need to go to San Antonio (2.5-3 hours away). - Feb 2016

Just those dang mosquitoes. I haven't had the best experience with medical in Laredo. Super long wait lines (especially from our pediatrician) and not the best care. Surprisingly, I've had good experiences here in NLD. I took my daughter once to a pediatrician here close to the Consulate and he was great. He was very caring and it didn't cost much. They have a hospital here called the Mexico Americano Hospital. It has only been around for 3 years, but me and several personnel from the Consulate went on an official visit and we were quite impressed with the quality of their services. They are very professional, the hospital is very nice and very clean and they offer a wide array of services. It is also very inexpensive (for us). Most people of Nuevo Laredo say it is an expensive hospital. For instance, a MRI in the U.S. can cost around US$1000, but only US$300 at the Mexico Americano Hospital. - Dec 2015

Health care is available on both sides. Care is adequate but expect to wait a long time at the doctors' offices. - Jun 2014

Beyond gunshot wounds? Not really. They have dengue here, but we haven't had cases among the staff. Medical care in Laredo is adequate, but extremely slow. It is not uncommon to wait 3-4 hours to see a doctor, even when you have an appointment. No one is in a hurry here. Ever. - Nov 2011

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