What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

At work, business casual up to a suit or dress. On the street, casual and often quite feminine for women and quite Texas-style for men. - Jun 2018

No formal dress. Work attire is business casual. - Apr 2017

Some men wear ties every day at the Consulate. Some men wear ties a few days a year (distinguished visitors, etc.). Women rarely wear ties. Jeans are acceptable during consular development days. You will be able to buy a cowboy hat in Laredo. And Wrangler jeans. - Feb 2016

Work is business casual. Khakis and button down shirt. Suits and ties for public appearances outside of the consulate. - Jun 2014

Business casual. Ties are rarely required. It's too hot. - Nov 2011

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