Nuevo Laredo - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

I have two thoughts on this. Since the consulate community is pretty tightly-woven, and the need to exist outside the community is limited, and the US side is sooo close, I think a person could find contentment with nearly no Spanish language skills. That being said, the best part of the experience for me was connecting with locals whenever possible, and this does require Spanish. Many NVL locals speak enough English to help you out, for example at the grocery store, but speaking Spanish seems to be very appreciated. I recommend it, but don't think I'd label it a 'have-to'. There are language lessons available within the Consulate for both employees as well as family members. Also, considering the cost of hiring people on the local market, I'd guess you could get a personal tutor pretty cheap. - Dec 2022

Spanish is dominant in Laredo TX as well as Nuevo Laredo. Skilled teachers/tutors are hard to find. I recommend learning as much Spanish as you can before arriving -- you'll feel more confident/secure and have a better time here. - Jun 2018

Yes, classes available. I think you need it. - Apr 2017

Very few people in Nuevo Laredo speak English. Many people in Laredo speak Spanish. - Feb 2016

You should know Spanish. I don't think you would be able to get by here if you didn't know Spanish. - Dec 2015

Surprisingly, a lot. Despite the proximity to the U.S., most speak only Spanish. And you will be left out of the jokes and other insider talk in Laredo, TX as well if you don't speak Spanish. There's no real push to learn English since every aspect of civil life in Laredo can be conducted in Spanish. Most of the staff speak fluent (at times Native-level) English. - Jun 2014

Definitely helpful, some shopkeepers speak English but not all. - Feb 2013

You need to have a working level knowledge of Spanish both here and in Laredo. Very few people speak English on this side of the border and many in Laredo will refuse to speak English if they know you understand Spanish. It can be frustrating. - Nov 2011

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