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What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

We had a single domestic helper that came and cleaned once per week. We, traditionally, are not the type of family that hires in-home help, but it was so cheap that we just took advantage of the opportunity. We became friends with our domestic hire (at least I like to think so, it's hard to tell when someone is also employee) and did our best to bring some benefits to her as an extension of the Consulate community. She also worked one-day-per-week for other families in the community. There seems to be a couple of regulars that are kind of inherited as families come/go. Some people had full time nannies and I believe they were generally happy with them, but I've no experience. Don't be shocked by the exit fee associated with domestic help. We paid ours $35 for the one day/week. Howeve, when you depart post you are legally obligated to a variety of separation fees/benefits. In the larger picture, this shouldn't dissuade you, because it doesn't really effect the average over a couple of years at post by much, but just don't be surprised by the several hundred dollars of expense when you are departing post. In summary, I don't expect I will every be as happy with domestic help as I was here. - Dec 2022

Most people have housekeepers and/or nannies a few days a week, and a gardener once a week. Very hard to find a reliable person who is willing to live in. There have been some issues with people's staff having personal problems and quitting suddenly. - Jun 2018

Maid, gardener, nanny etc. many available but hard to find someone trustworthy. The cost cost per day is approximately $300 MNX. - Apr 2017

Many Consulate members have domestic help and it is inexpensive. - Feb 2016

Affordable although some people here have had trouble finding a good nanny. I am one of them. Finally found a keeper, but she wasn't my first option. Availability is easy - they are usually recommended by consulate staff and most pay anywhere from 300-350 pesos for a full days work. - Dec 2015

Available and reasonable. - Jun 2014

Yes. - Feb 2013

Very cheap. We pay $75 for five day a week part time domestic help. - Nov 2011

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