Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

The city tries, with ramps and handicapped parking spaces, but the infrastructure is still poor in this regard in many places. - Jun 2018

Oh yes! - Apr 2017

The consulate has two buildings, each with two floors. There are no elevators. Presumably the new consulate (opening late 2017) will have elevators. - Feb 2016

Yes, probably. The Consulate doesn't have an elevator and it is two floors. - Dec 2015

Not really. You drive everywhere. Although the Consulate is two stories and doesn't have an elevator. - Jun 2014

You need a car to get around everywhere here, regardless of disability status. - Feb 2013

Like most countries around the world, Mexico does not make a U.S.-level effort to accomodate disabilities. It would be a challenge to serve here with physical disabilities. - Nov 2011

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