What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Lovely houses that are bigger than you need. Everyone has a yard. - Oct 2019

The houses here are amazing. All are single family homes, most have large yards, and about 70% have pools. There are many people here who have been to numerous posts all over the world, and they all say this is the best housing pool they've ever seen. - Mar 2015

The embassy housing pool is quite nice. All are single-family homes and each has its own special advantage. Our house has an amazing view and a pool, but the yard is steeply sloped, so our son can't run around in the yard. Other families have great yards for their kids to play in, but no pool and/or no view. Some have great outdoor entertaining spaces. - Feb 2011

Single-family homes. The commute during the school year takes about 15 minutes. During school vacation it takes about 10 minutes. Houses have a suburban feel, and they generally have decent yards. A few have pools. - May 2010

Houses are large and comfortable with large, landscaped yards. Many have fireplaces and a few have pools. Nothing in Mbabane is more than 10 minutes from the various embassy buildings and several houses are in easy walking distance of the offices. The ones that aren't make up for it with stunning views. - Mar 2008

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