Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

No, I feel very safe. Everyone is always concerned about the strikes and marches, but they are never as large or dangerous as the newspapers lead you to believe, and they announce where they will march, so you just steer clear. - Oct 2019

This is considered a high-threat post, but, for the most part I feel pretty safe here. As long as you are aware of your surroundings and use common sense, you should be fine. All homes have 24-hour guards, and the local guard force is excellent. Our previous RSO said they were the best guard force he ever worked with. - Mar 2015

This is considered a high crime post, but I never feel unsafe. I do not walk around at night by myself, but I didn't do that much in the US either. You do have to be alert, though. You hear about breakins and petty thefts quite often. - Feb 2011

This is rated as a critical crime post. While that may be true, it feels much safer than the surrounding countries. I feel quite safe walking around town. At night, though, I wouldn't walk around if I were a women (not looking to be sexist; during the day, everyone walks everywhere, as soon as evening comes, the only people walking around the streets are men. Most people are already home or at restaurants, or at the few clubs, or at the hotels in the valley (two have casinos). - May 2010

Crime is rated as critical and embassy residences have 24-hour guards. There have been a few attempted break-ins since we've been here. That said, though, I feel quite safe in Swaziland, even walking alone (during the day) as a woman. The crime here is mostly opportunistic and in no way compares to that of neighboring South Africa or Mozambique. - Mar 2008

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