What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

It is a small city. Not much pollution. People complain about not having much to do, but you end up with more than enough to keep you occupied. It is very suburban. I would definitely recommend living in Mbabane to Ezulweni, given the choice. - Oct 2019

The country is beautiful! If you love being outdoors, you will love it here. There are tons of hiking trails and local game parks. You can get to some pretty great places in South Africa like Krueger Park, Jo'burg, Pretoria and Durban in 2-6 hours. - Mar 2015

This is such an easy place to live, but you are in Africa, and it is absolutely beautiful here. - Feb 2011

The weather in Swaziland is fantastic. In the high or middleveld it is similar to Southern California, if you add rain. If you like game reserves, hiking, and really nice crafts, you'll enjoy yourself. It is 4 hours to Pretoria or Johannesburg for all the amenities you can't find in-country, and beaches in Mozambique or South Africa are a 3- to 5-hour drive. - May 2010

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