Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

The internet is not great, but you adapt. Some nights we can stream things, but other nights we cannot. It's the most frustrating when you try to make a facetime call to family in the states and the call keeps dropping. - Oct 2019

They call it "high speed" but it's anything but that. We pay about US$150 per month for 1028kb/s of speed and we barely get one-fourth of that. It's truly the most frustrating thing about living here. The internet will go out for days, and no one will know why or when it's coming back on. - Mar 2015

Yes, you pay by how fast you want it and how much you think you'll use. Ours is two steps down from the fastest, but still considered business level, and costs almost $100.Some days it just doesn't work and some days you would think you were back in the States it is seamless. You never know what you'll get when you wake up. - Feb 2011

"High-speed" internet is available, but your speed certainly can vary throughout the day. Still, it's enough to do video skype calls 90% of the time. Cost is between 70 and 250 USD a month, depending on your plan. - May 2010

Swaziland still uses dial-up connections with a maximum speed of 128k. The monthly charge is only about US$50, but you pay per minute on the telephone connection. We've heard lots of rumors, though, that wireless internet is coming in the next few months. - Mar 2008

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