What typical restaurants, food delivery services, and/or takeout options are popular among expatriates?

Not a ton of restaurant options and everything closes early. Most households employ people to do cooking during the week. There are also a few ladies that cook meals and do house delivery: Ethiopian, Vietnamese and Indian food. Get on the WhatsApp groups and Swazi Diary that share info as soon as you arrive so that you know what's going on. - Oct 2019

We have KFC and Nando's and a few other places. But I don't know if the food there is any good or what it costs. - Mar 2015

There is KFC, but the local Nando's is much better, in my opinion. There are some cafes in town, serving local fare, chinese, and indian. At these places you can spend as little as $5 for a nice meal. One nice french restaurant. A short drive down to the valley opens up your options to nicer restaurants. With steak, seafood, wine, a dinner for two is $40-$50 at what we consider the best restaurant around. - Feb 2011

Swaziland has some nice restaurant offerings that span the range from cheap to moderately expensive. KFC is popular as a fast-food restaurant. - May 2010

KFC is the only American fast food but there are a few South African chains here- Nando's, Spur, Steers. - Mar 2008

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