Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

Eswatini just had their second Pride parade! They are coming around. I don't think anyone would give you any problems. - Oct 2019

I'm not sure about this. I do not know any openly gay people at post or in the community. - Mar 2015

Swazis are very religious and most likely would tell you that they are against homosexuality. Most of the couples I know are discrete, i.e., no PDA, and have not been treated poorly. - Feb 2011

There is a small gay/lesbian community, but Swaziland's is still grappling with homosexuality, and if you were public with your orientation, it would certainly draw (likely negative) attention. - May 2010

Swazi society is very traditional and homosexuality is definitely frowned upon. However, I've heard that there is a Swazi Gay and Lesbian society so things may be changing. - Mar 2008

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