What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

There are seasons! It's actually really cold here sometimes! It never snows, but there is a cold season, a rainy season, a dry season, spring and hot summer. It's lovely, but you certainly don't expect weather like this when you think of Africa. - Oct 2019

We frequently comment that this can't possibly be Africa. Swaziland must have the most mild African climate of anywhere. The summer (December - March) is warm but rainy. It rarely rains all day, but you can expect some rain just about every day, mostly in the afternoon and evenings. The winter months (May - September) are ridiculously dry. - Mar 2015

It rains a lot in the summer, so it stays fairly cool. Temperatures in the winter are cooler, but not so much that you can't sit outside and enjoy the beautiful country you are in. - Feb 2011

My non-scientific estimates: in Mbabane it averages from 60-95 in summer and 50-80 in winter. There is a rainy season that usually entails some rain during the day, but not all day, every day. I find the climate to be absolutely wonderful. - May 2010

Cool, dry winters with possibility of frost. Moderately warm summers with regular rain showers. Mbabane is in the mountains, so even in the summer it doesn't get too hot. - Mar 2008

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