What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

It is small, but it is composed of great people. Try to get out of the embassy bubble if you can, there are some lovely friends to be made. The morale is great. We all feel so lucky to live here. - Oct 2019

It's a pretty small community, only about 15 State Department direct hires and another 10 with USAID, PEPFAR and Peace Corps, but almost all have spouses and children. Everyone seems to really enjoy each other's company. The CLO runs a lot of events, and people do a lot of entertaining in their homes. This current group of people is a lot of fun, and the local staff are wonderful people, too. - Mar 2015

Small. - Feb 2011

Small. The only diplomatic missions are Taiwan, Moz., S.A., and U.S. - EU has an office. Development workers are here from a variety of countries. South Africans, some business people, and Peace Corps Volunteers make up the rest. - May 2010

It is small, but growing. - Mar 2008

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