What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Almost every house has at least a nanny or cleaner and a gardener. There aren't really drivers for hire here, which is different than almost everywhere else we have served (and makes coordinating school drop-offs and pick ups much more difficult, because the embassy is about 30 minutes away). We pay around 400 USD a month for a live-in nanny, 200 for the gardener. I think we pay higher than most the other families. - Oct 2019

It's very easy to find household help, and the cost is about US$200-$250 per month for a full-time helper. Many of the housekeepers have worked for American families for years and take on a new assignment when their current family leaves. - Mar 2015

It is easy to find help. I pay my nanny/maid about $250/month for 5 days and my gardner $200/month for 4 days. I think that is average for the embassy community. - Feb 2011

Great availability. Cost is between 120-320 USD per month. - May 2010

Readily available and inexpensive. We pay our housekeeper outrageously at US$150 a month for full time. Most housekeepers and gardeners get about $100 per month. - Mar 2008

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