Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

MTN is the regional provider. They are pretty good. - Oct 2019

You only have one choice here: MTN has a monopoly. The US Embassy staff are issued phones, but family members should bring an unlocked phone and buy a SIM card here. Most everyone uses a pay-as-you-go plan, and you can buy air time just about anywhere --- but it can be pretty expensive for the calls and the data. 500MB of data will cost about US$20 and $10 will get you about 30-40 minutes of talk time. - Mar 2015

Everyone has one and they seem to be pretty inexpensive. - Feb 2011

Prepaid service is easy and cheap. An unlocked GSM phone works with local SIM cards. - Mar 2008

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