How would you describe the availability and cost of groceries and household supplies relative to your home country?

You can get everything you need. There are multiple grocery store chains and a Woolworth's. People occasionally make the trip to Nelspruit to get things they can't find here, but we never have. - Oct 2019

Groceries are pretty moderately priced. Meat and vegetables tend to be less expensive than in the U.S. But fresh fruit, especially berries, will cost a fortune. If you buy something and love it, buy a lot of it because you may never see it again. There are some decent food stores in Mbabane, but the stores in Ezulwini near the NEC tend to be better and have more variety. There is also a good health food store at the Gables that has a good selection of things you won't find at grocery stores, like Tahini paste and almond butter. - Mar 2015

You can get just about anything, but you should buy it when you see it unless it is something like milk or meat, which are always available. Fresh fruit and veggies are not as cheap as I expected, but meats are much cheaper than in the States. If you are vegetarian, be prepared to use internet groceries or pay a lot to get what you need. A cake of tofu (when I can find it) costs about $4. If you are into gardening, you can get the vegetables you want very cheaply by growing them yourself. - Feb 2011

Items are brought in from South Africa. I thought I would have to travel to S.A. frequently to round out my grocery list, but I've been able to find most things in Mbabane. Of course, that was before the country decided to stop bringing in soy milk... (that used to be my go-to example of how you could get just about everything. Now I'm learning how to eat cereal dry). - May 2010

Everthing is available here, but it is all a little pricey as everything is imported from South Africa. - Mar 2008

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