Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

It would be a better post than most on the continent. - Oct 2019

Definitely. There are very few sidewalks, and were there are sidewalks they are usually very crowded. It would be difficult to use them in a wheelchair or with crutches. Also, Mbabane is incredibly hilly, making it pretty difficult just to walk around. - Mar 2015

Lots, sidewalks exist only in the city center, and even then they are poor. Going to the shopping centers would be ok. - Feb 2011

The town and country are not set up for someone with physical disabilities. - May 2010

It would be doable in Mbabane- this city actually has sidewalks and a few elevators- but not very easy. Outside of Mbabane it would be challenging. - Mar 2008

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