Bratislava - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your housing like? What are typical housing sizes, locations, and commute times for expatriates?

Housing is good. Most singles/couples have apartments. It is Europe, so most are not overly large and storage can be limiting. Families can choose either apartments or houses. No housing is directly in the old town/downtown due to limited parking and noise at night. Most housing is within a 30-minute walk to the embassy. Some houses may be a bit further. - May 2021

Fantastic housing. Plenty of room. Everything new or updated after early 1990's. Because it is not a large city all commutes are reasonable. Wide range of apartments and houses. Some have amazing views. - Aug 2017

Housing is scattered throughout the city. We lived in a very modern and comfortable apartment. We have a larger park around the corner perfect for our dog and son. - Jun 2017

Housing is good, though expensive. Don't reccomend a house up the hill in Koliba or H.Park. Snow can be a problem. The best option is a flat in Old Town. Everything is walking distance in Old Town (Stara Mesto). - Feb 2017

We live in a big two-story house in a nice part of town -- walkable to two parks (one of which is huge, with playgrounds, bike and hiking trails, a chair lift), a grocery store and the zoo. The houses are all nice and close to public transportation. We are one of the furthest from the old town area and it takes about 7 minutes by car and 12 by bus. Some people (mostly singles and couples without kids) live in an apartment building walkable to the downtown (takes about 20 minutes). Some of the houses are closer to old town than the apartment building. - Sep 2016

Many people live in apartments, although there are also nice single family homes that are fairly centrally located. I have a 25-minute walk to the Embassy, which is located on a beautiful central square in Bratislava's old town. There is also good public transport that consists of buses and trams, and taxis are fairly affordable, with many rides only costing about 5 Euros. - Jun 2015

Most U.S. Embassy families choose apartments or houses within a 15-minute drive from the center of town. Many singles and couples live within a 10-minute walk from city center. - Dec 2009

Houses and apartments many are very old but generally well maintained. Best place to live is in old town if you don't have children; if you do go for a house. - Apr 2010

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