Are there any particular health concerns? What is the quality of available medical care? What medical conditions typically require medical evacuation?

Good physical therapy. Have not had any other experience. - Aug 2017

Medical care isnt the best but there are good options nearby. Medissimo is a private facility in Bratislava, Heinburg Hospital is about 15-20 minutes drive in Austria, and many doctors in Vienna. There was a good English-speaking dentist in Bratislava who was reasonably priced and knew how to complete the government insurance forms. - Jun 2017

If you get seriously ill better take an ambulance to Vienna. - Feb 2017

No special health concerns. Many people go to Vienna for routine medical care. - Sep 2016

No particular concerns. Medical care in Slovakia is a bit post-communist, but world class medical care is available just across the border in Austria, either in Hainburg for routine care or Vienna one hour away for any type of care. I medevaced to Vienna to have my son last year. - Jun 2015

No special health concerns. Emergency care is probably adequate. Routine procedures should be handled in Vienna or on home leave. - Dec 2009

Great medical care is available, but it's not in Bratislava. They can handle minor issues and broken bones, but that is as far as I would trust them. Just about everyone goes to Vienna or one of the fine Austrian Clinics just across the border. Generally no more than ½ hour to 45 min. - Apr 2010

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