Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

Personally, we felt that the security we received was more than necessary. - Oct 2019

The city is deceptive. There is a lot of nice stuff and features that look like home, and there is no question this post is safer in 2019 than it was in 2009 or 1999. However, there is literally a war going on next door in Yemen that spills over in the form of missile and drone attacks inside Saudi Arabia, though thankfully none directly in Jeddah yet. There was a major attack against the consulate in 2004 or so, and a suicide bomber at the gate in 2016. So it's a place that could change in a negative way in a hurry. - Mar 2019

Obvious issues in every Middle East post. - Jan 2019

Terrorism - Apr 2016

this is an issue, threats to the American school, etc - Nov 2015

A lot, threatens to the consulate, the american school, etc.. - Oct 2015

Yes, especially lately (the last 9 months). Read the news and the country reports. - Oct 2015

Due to Islamic extremism, there are some concerns, but they're not noticeable on a daily basis. Small numbers of Westerners are attacked every year, but it's usually more on the Eastern part of Saudi Arabia or close to the Yemeni border. We feel safer than we thought we would before coming here. - Aug 2015

I think a car accident is the biggest concern here. I've been in several counties, and NEVER seen something like this. There are no rules, people drive with kids on their laps, kids are running around in the car, no respect for rules. We've seen terrible accidents here. - Feb 2014

Obviously Saudi Arabia is known for austere, conservative Islamism. There is some truth to this Western stereotype and caution is necessary: be aware of your surroundings and avoid places where Westerners congregate. Try not to stand out too much. The truth is though, you are much, much more likely to be injured or killed in a traffic accident on the horrible Saudi highways and roads than you are to fall victim to a terrorist attack, which are exceedingly rare nowadays (but still possible). Other than that, I also avoid parts of Jeddah where poor foreigners are clustered, as these are places where more traditional crime is more likely to occur. That said, a nice thing about the Kingdom -- and the Arab world in general -- is the very low levels of petty crime. - Dec 2013

Terrorism: predictably terrifying but also very rare. Westerners are targets, so Western compounds, hangouts, and workplaces are also targets. But traffic accidents are a much more likely way to die. - May 2013

Terrorism; the greatest danger is probably a traffic accident. - Nov 2010

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